Stag and Hen

When you’re trying to decide what activity or entertainment to organise for the perfect stag or hen do, look no further! You want something that’s fun, different, memorable that you’ll all be talking about for years to come!

Often with stag and hen activities, everyone knows the stag or hen, but they don’t always know each other. Paintball provides a unique bonding experience, creating friends for life. This is why we see our customers coming back time and time again to repeat the experience, enjoy the new games and build on their skills using the latest technology paintball has to offer.

If this is your first experience, you’ll be amazed at how realistic we can create our battle zones, including special effects, smoke grenades, purpose-built sets, you’ll think you’re in the movies! We promise you an experience you’ll never forget!

Dorset Paintball prides itself on its experience in looking after stag and hen parties. Give us a call, we can produce a tailor-made offer for your group with many special offers on this type of paintball event.


Especially for the stags, we have 2 man-sized dresses for the groom and the best man in a dashing blue and pink. Once donned you are then free to run around the woodland being chased by the rest of your stag do….of course with guns.


We get many enquiries from hen groups as it is as much a game for the girls as it is for the boys. Does it hurt? Not really, you pick up the odd bruise, but the majority of the whacks and shots are absorbed by our new flack jackets. The flack jacket was solely developed by Dorset Paintball for women who want to try paintballing.

Dorset Paintball has over 200 of these paintballing flack jackets on site which are free with your game fee. Padded on the chest and back with handy pockets for extra paintballs and smoke and paint grenades. This is what they look like……

Padded flack jacket

Padded flack jacket

Padded flack jacket

And when you meet up in the pub, bistro or hotel bar at the end of the day, we promise you’ll be swapping war stories to give your hen a day to remember!

Stag and Hen groups can expect to have the best Paintball Day ever at Dorset Paintball.

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