Can i use pyrotechnics if i am 15 yrs old?
Unfortunately not, you have to be 18 or over to us pyrotechnics. We do a full range of thunderflashes, smoke and paint grenades. These have to be used on site, not in your friends car on the way home.

Can I bring my own paintball equipment?
You are more than welcome to bring your own equipment, as long as you take it steady. We monitor it very closely and if we see that you are shooting ducks in a barrel, you will have to use one of our markers. We do suggest that you come along on the walk-on day, which is the first Sunday of every month.

Do you supply gloves?
No, the reason is we cannot wash the things. If you think your are worried about being shot on the hands, then bring an old pair with you. Please do not bring your best ski or boxing gloves because you will never get your finger through the trigger guard, just a woolly or semi-thin pair. We do sell fully padded camo gloves on site that you can keep forever at an amazing price of just £5

What shall I wear?
Please do not turn up with high heels(unless you are the stag) and your best Armani shirt. All you need is some old boots or trainers on your feet and old clothes to go underneath the overalls.

Are you fully insured?
Yes, all customers are fully covered by our £5 million comprehensive public liability paintball insurance.

Can it hurt when you get shot?
Getting shot is not the greatest pleasure in the world!  but when your adrenaline is pumping you do not notice it most of the time  – though getting shot can leave a small bruise and sting a bit!

Can we bring a birthday cake and snacks?
Yes, feel free to bring any drinks, snacks and cakes you wish(we at Dorset Paintball are always feeling hungry:-)).

Do parents need to stay at the venue?
No. Feel free to drop them off and go and enjoy some time out. You know that when you pick them up again at the end of the day, they may be dirty and sweaty but they will also be happy and worn out. For the very young (11 year olds) it may be useful for one parent to be there just for the kitting out and the safety brief to make sure they are happy with what’s involved in the session you are with us

Do you offer discounts for large groups?
Please call us to discuss your paintball event and we will be happy to discuss various options with you.

Do you split groups up?
No. All groups stay together.

How many paintballs do we need?
On average most people go through around 100 paintballs a game and play around 4 games in a session. There is little point in trying to make 100 paintballs last a whole session as we all get trigger happy when there’s moving targets to shoot at. For the juniors we issue them 50 a game so they have enough paint for each game.

How many people do we need for a paintball game?
Any number of people can come along (we can accommodate up to 200 players). Team sizes are usually made up on the day of around 15-20 people, do small groups of 1-14 will be thoughtfully matched up with other small groups. Large groups can have their own exclusive game or corporate event, which is 20 or more.

I’m not sure how many players I have, but I want to book now so that I don’t miss out on the date I want. What should I do?
You can make your booking now for the players that you have confirmed. You can then add additional players on to your booking up until a few days before your event.

Is paintballing safe?
Playing paintball is a safe, fun activity – we host thousands of players every year that have an awesome time. There is things in the woodland like tree stumps, rabbit holes etc which u have to avoid but everyone is also fully insured and we are founder members of the UKPSF (United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation).

What about under 11 year olds?
Unfortunately, due to insurance reasons, all paintball players must be 11 years of age or in year 6 at school to play paintball. Many sites require all players to be 12 years and over. It is only our excellent safety record that allows us to take on players as young as ten years.

What about valuables?
We encourage you to leave valuables in your vehicle when you arrive, due to the high likely hood of loosing things on the game fields while you are playing.